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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) PACT OMEGA, a PWD project implemented in Northern Uganda during early 90s to mid-2000s and constructed the basketball court we have today. Wheelchair Basketball was made popular after watching a demonstration game of wheelchair Basketball by Kenyan Paralympic team invited to Uganda by the PACT OMEGA project in conjunction with Uganda Paralympic Committee in 2007.


Akena Dennis Gengomoi, then captain of Gulu Hawks was requested to momentarily help promote the sport at the home of Gulu Disabled Persons’ Union (GDPU) who were donors of the 8 sets of non-model basketball wheelchairs. Due to financial constraints and other factors somehow the game nearly went to extinction not until the beginning of November 2007.


Acaye Paul coordinating activities of a newly formed sports organization Uganda International Sports Academy (UGISA) teamed with Akena Dennis to help revamp the activity providing coaching assistance, logistics, periodic service and repair of the wheelchairs. The Club rebranded in 2015 with new name Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club (GWBC) and we take great pride in the development of challenged athletes at all levels and provide an opportunity for participants to play the sport they love.


We celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club in 2018, as current National Wheelchair Basketball champions 2016 and 2017.


Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Gulu Wheelchair Basketball Club. All rights reserved.

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