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The Gulu Children’s Inclusive Sports Festival Fun Games and Sports for kids with and without disabilities on Saturday, June 29, 2019 attracted over 158 participants [112 children & 44 volunteers].

This exciting event hosted at the Gulu Gmeiner SOS Primary School is a USAID funded programme of Blazesports International association with Uganda Paralympic Committee (UPC) aimed to promote Adaptive Sports and Physical Literacy in Uganda.


Sitting Volleyball, Athletics, Boccia, Boda boda game and Head Ball were the five (5) games played over a period of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Each of the games lasted at least 2 minutes before rotation to another including a water break.



Six (6) Special Needs schools namely St Jude’s Primary, Laroo Primary, Mother Teresa, Gulu Primary, Gulu Prisons and Gulu High School as well community children were represented in the colourful event graced by Gulu District Local Government Councilor V PWDs (Male) Honourable Ocen Denis Lakwonyero.


There were 67 boys and 45 girls who participated in the festival. 76 participants were children with impairment (46 boys and 30 girls) while 36 (18 boys and 18 girls) children were not. Snacks was served to children before the fan games and lunch served to all the 160+ participants in attendance. Hired vans brought pupils/students and returned them back to their respective schools safely. Games Teachers and volunteers who helped with facilitation of the activities were given travel reimbursement for their generous service.



All the 112 children who participated returned back home donning on Blazesports branded Tshirts in different colours.

Appreciation to the Northern Uganda Media Club, Radio Rupiny, Radio Mega, Radio Pacis, Radio Choice, for their continuous coverage and reporting of adaptive sports activities or events throughout the entire this period. One of the National Televisions corporations in Uganda, Urban Television ran and aired video clip of the festival in the evening of Saturday June 29, 2019.

Overall St Mauritz Primary school Were eventual champions in the Laroo Division Primary Track and Field 2019 followed by Laroo Primary, St Peters Primary, Highland Primary School, Holy Rosary, Eagle Nest, Mother Teresa, Cradle Nursery and Primary, SOS Primary, in the pecking order.


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